What is #28BlackArchitectsIn28Days?

In 2014, Drafting Dreams Founder, Christian J. Hughes, had a conversation with a colleague about the presence of African Americans in the profession of architecture. This colleague, who was also African American, challenged Christian to name five African American Architects. Given Christian's origins of Detroit, Michigan, a city that was 88% African American in his youth, as well as his attendance at Hampton University, a Historically Black University, this was an easy task for Christian. However, his colleague, a Carnegie Mellon University graduate, could not name five. From this conversation, #28BlackArchitectsIn28Days was born.

The aforementioned conversation shed light on the importance of persons of all ethnic backgrounds learning about the accomplishments of African American Architects, both past and present. This work is crucial, as African Americans comprise 1% of the profession of architecture.

The #28BlackArchitectsIn28Days Series is a yearly series that highlights African American Architects daily during African American History Month. The first series was launched in February of 2015.

Read our Founder's article on this series as published by the American Institute of Architects in 2015:

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