Drafting Dreams Software Learning Curriculum - $25.00

Downloadable PDF available upon purchase.

With your purchase of the Drafting Dreams Dreamhouse Software Learning Curriculum, you can teach your child how to use architectural software, Google SketchUp Make, to design the exterior of their own Dreamhouse, or your Dreamhouse! Equipped with "How-To" Instructions and a step-by-step curriculum, both you and your child will be able to explore the architecture of your dreams! 

This curriculum comes with the first of three exercises. Subsequent exercises are available for purchase for $10 each.


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Home Architecture Kit - $30.00

Teach your student architecture from home by purchasing our Home Architecture Kit! Equipped with "How-To" Instructions and a Curriculum, your student will be able to design and model his or her own 1-Bedroom House! 

Contents of the kit include:


  1. How-To Instructions

  2. Drafting Tape

  3. Taskboard Material

  4. Translucent Plastic Material

  5. Tacky Glue

  6. Construction Paper

  7. Kraft Paper

  8. Architect Scale

  9. 30-60-90 Triangle

**Decorations not included**

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